The Distributed Everything (DE-Lab) is a research Lab born out of Design Products at the RCA that investigates, explores and challenges new modes of production and consumption for a sustainable economy. It explores production and design in the age of the Anthropocene and digital ubiquity. The Lab is anchored in networks, production, distribution and the future of supply and demand. It is a lab that explores the role of technology in meeting global challenges and collaboratively develops solutions for sustainable solutions, cultures and practices. The Lab builds on the EPSRC funded Future Makespaces in Redistributed Manufacturing Network that includes universities, researchers and a broad spectrum of businesses that are working in the digital manufacturing industrial revolution and in the transition towards a circular economy.

Recent work includes the commencement of an AHRC and British Council funded study in China and the UK into the role of sustainability ethics in Fab Labs and Makespaces, Citizen Nature Watch an EPSRC funded collaboration with Goldsmith and the BBC that is developing tools, methods and technologies for citizen engagement in scientific observation of the natural world with and a first stage application to the EU for €7m with 30 European and global partners for the Fab City Prototypes as a for Systemic large-scale demonstration for Circular Economy business models.